Your on-page SEO process will become easier, faster, and more comprehensive than ever.

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SERP Analyzer

Giving SEOs an X-ray vision of top pages in SERP and insights to outrank them

Content Editor

Whatever you write, create perfectly optimized content faster based on real-time data

Keyword Research

Quick clicks to new ranking opportunities for your page.

based on facts

Surfer is a modern SEO tool that compares key on‑page factors of top 40+ ranked websites.

Your subscription will not renew after that period.

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Real-time overview

Forget manual keyword analysis. Surfer breaks down top 40+ websites by the most significant ranking factors in seconds, so you can immediately compare how you and your competition are doing.

Technical insights

Get accurate results that reveal the strategic technical advantage. And because Surfer examines high-ranking pages from multiple places in the world, you can target location-aware rankings no matter where you are.

More than optimization

Get budget estimates right every single time. With Surfer, preliminary research is a breeze, so both the team and your client can be one the same page before you even begin.